Charlie Cook Sexual Harassment Case

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After the in-class interviews and investigation, our team agrees that Charlie Cook did sexually harass Sarah Server. According to the textbook (Steingold, 2015), “illegal sexual harassment occurs when unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature creates a hostile or abusive work environment” (p. 362). In this case, Charlie has sexual harassed Sarah by making verbal and physical behaviors that created an abusive work environment. The facts and evidences we found during the investigation are listed as below. First of all, Charlie used to talk sex-related jokes and make sexually suggestive objects to Sarah. According to Sarah, once Charlie told her that he wanted to see what she looked like under her uniform. Another time, Charlie handed Sarah a banana through the window and told her that he wanted to see her eat it in front of him and made…show more content…
Sarah claimed when she was landing chowder into a cup of chowder last Friday, Charlie came up behind her and pulled her hips toward him, and began thrusting his pelvis her back side. His face was in her neck and he was making sexual noises. When he grabbed her, dropped the bowl of soup and burned her hand. According to Hannah’s testimony, although she did not see Sarah and Charlie have any physical contact, she did see Sarah with her arms up in the air and chowder on the floor and she saw Charlie standing behind Hannah, laughing. Also, Hannah once told to Sarah about her behavior of keeping bread and rolls for the table near the chowder station, and Sarah explained that she was doing this to avoid Charlie. Hannah’s statement confirms that Charlie’s behavior has threatened Sarah’s working environment by harassing and torturing her, and we agree that Charlie violated the Sexual Harassment Policy by assaulting

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