Charlie Cry: A Short Story

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The seniors at the school do a senior prank. They filled the pool with grape Kool-aid. All of his friend are going to college and Charlie is sad that Sam is going away. She is going to Penn State and she has to go to a summer program so she is leaving soon. It was the last day for seniors. That night they go to Rocky Horror to play their roles one last time. Charlie 's sister and her boyfriend also come to watch the show. Afterward they go to Craig’s house for a party. Everyone at the party was happy and excited for their futures. Charlie was the deejay and played all the right music at the right time. Charlie feels extremely lonely since all of his friends have graduated. Tonight is prom and Charlie hopes that all goes well for his friends and sister. The day after prom everyone is still asleep when Charlie get home from…show more content…
Charlie went to Bill’s house. They eat lunch. Bill tells Charlie that her was his best, most gifted, and most special student he has ever had, but not in a creepy way. This makes Charlie cry because his Aunt Helen was the last person to call him special. It was the day of graduation. Everything went well. His sister delivered a speech to the class. After the graduation Charlie’s sister had a party with all of her family. Afterward Charlie and all of his alumni friends go to the dance club. Charlie dances with Sam. He gives everyone gifts. Charlie begins to cry when he thinks that all of his friends are going to leave so he goes to the kitchen to calm down with Sam. The next day is the last day of school. Charlie ended up with straight A’s for the year. It is the night before Sam leaves for college. Sam and Charlie talk and end up kissing and touching. Charlie freaks out and has a panic attack when Sam touches him. When Charlie falls asleep, he has a dream about a memory about how his Aunt Helen used to touch him how Sam did. In the morning Sam leaves for college. Charlie has another and worse panic attack. Charlie gets put into the
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