Charlie Gordon Argumentative Essay

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Argument essay
Did Charlie Gordon's doctors act ethically? Ethics are what a person feels , how a person feels , and what society accepts, ethics has nothing to being religious. Ethics are a set of guide lines. Charlie Gordon is a eager and hardworking man, he had a place to live and a job. There was only one thing wrong with him-he was "mentally retarded." All Charlie wanted was to be smart, he had an IQ of 68. Charlie Gordon's doctors didn’t act ethically.
Charlie Gordon's doctors did not act ethically because they didn’t tell Charlie any side effects of the surgery, Charlie ended up learning a major side effect of the surgery which he found out was death, he only found out because a Algernon who also was test died from the surgery. The doctors hadn't even been thought the Algernon's test before they started on Charlie they weren't thinking about Charlie because they were thinking about themselves. The doctors only cared about how much fame they would get from this experiment. They only cared about what they would get from the experiment, It didn’t matter what happened to Charlie.
Charlie Gordon's doctors also didn’t think of what would happen to his after the surgery, Charlie ended up losing his job because people found it wrong for Charlie to end up learning all this information so quickly. He also
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Its so obvious he would do anything to be smart. The only problem is that he didn't have the mental capacity to understand what the surgery would do. Charlie had a hard time with spelling simple words like write. So how could he understand what the surgery would do to him and how it would effect his life he didn’t know how to think about all the backlash for this decision. Charlie wasn't smart enough to understand what would happen to him after the
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