Charlie Gordon Case Study

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Dean Charlie Gordon is a 37 year old man who is mentally disabled, he also has an I.Q of 68. Charlies dream is to be smart and has a surgery to become smart. His doctors Dr.Strauss and Dr. Nemur perform a surgery to make Charlie smart. Charlie then loses his knowledge and falls into a deep depression from the surgery. Charlies doctors did not act ethically when they performed surgery on Charlie. Ethics is a well-founded standards of right and wrong and involves feelings, laws, and socials norms. Although Charlie was exited about getting surgery to become smart and the doctors were nice enough to perform on him, they did not follow the correct steps to ethical thinking.Before performing surgery on someone you are suppose to ask important/mandatory…show more content…
They should of cared more for Charlie and not as much on themselves. The doctors were focused on getting famous and money and instead should of focused on studying on Charlie and thinking about what ifs. Another question they should of asked themselves was who was in charge? In the story you never see who is really in charge they are always fighting about Charlie and never focus on what 's really going on. Although some may agree others may disagree about the doctors being ethical. For example, Miss. Kinnian recommended Charlie to the doctors and Charlie had no problem with that. Also, Charlie was on board with the surgery and had no problem with it. After the doctors told Charlie that they were going to use him he got so exited. The doctors also did not know about the side effects and did not know until after what happened to Algernon. Those are some reason people may believe why his doctors were being ethical about the surgery. Overall, Charlies doctors did not act ethically while performing the surgery. Being ethical would be knowing about the situation, knowing the question to ask yourself, medical questions, and backgrounds/experience 's. Ethics are a well-founded standards of right and wrong and involves feelings, laws, and social norms. Those are some steps/question the doctors did not follow. That’s why Charlie Gordon 's doctors did not act
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