Charlie Gordon In Daniel's Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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“Flowers for Algernon” Argumentative Essay Charlie Gordon (of Daniel’s Keyes’ “Flowers for Algernon”) should never have had the operation which had devastated his life. The societal conflicts that Charlie had been ignorant to became apparent to him suddenly. Furthermore, the mistreatment of mentally impaired people and detrimental way people had viewed him in his previous state was another shocking revelation Charlie had been awakened to after his intellect soared. The fact that the doctors, Nemur and Straus took utter, absolute advantage of Charlie (as well as treating him as if he was identical to a lab rat) had been publicized to him on top of that. Even worse, subsequent to the surgery, Charlie’s newfound critical thinking skills…show more content…
With his newfound intellect, he was brought to the realization that his best friends, Frank and Joe, did not care for him at all; he realized that they only kept him around to berate him. Charlie was correspondingly brought to learn the difference between when people are laughing with you, versus laughing at you. Additionally, He learned what it actually meant to “pull a Charlie Gordon”. Insights similar to the one stated prior caused Charlie to lose his idyllic state due to his former ignorance. Moreover, Charlie's increasing intellect permitted him to feel more complex emotions than “happy” and ‘sad”. Likewise, Charlie’s increased intelligence allowed him to comprehend how quite a few people achieved a sick sort of pleasure out of treating mentally impaired people absolutely terribly. These realizations, combined with his newfound ability to feel more profound emotions equated in him losing joyful exuberance due to ignorance. Consequently, Charlie ended up adapting a more grown and pessimistic outlook on those around him, as wells as society as a whole. Furthermore, Charlie’s spikes in intellect allowed him see how the doctors were using
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