Charlie Gordon's Flowers For Algernon

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Have you ever thought about brain stimulation, even once wondered what happened to those who tried it? Flowers for Algernon is a true story based on Charlie Gordon who sacrifices all he has and is because he wants to be smart.
According to the text, Charlie Gordon was mentally impaired and was dumb. (No offence) Charlie Gordon was working hard at his job, he was a custodian. Every now and then he would hear someone say, “Quit pulling a Charlie Gordon” to someone who looked like they screwed up. Monday through Friday, Charlie would go to night school for adults who were slow, “Mrs. Kenyan says I’m one of her best people because I try the hardest to learn.” Says Charlie.
Another thing was Charlie got let go from his job. When everyone at work heard that Charlie had gotten brain surgery, they all stopped saying “quite pulling a Charlie Gordon” and later, everyone, even his friends, had signed a
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There was another subject like Charlie, his name was Algernon the mouse. Algernon got brain surgery too to make him smart like Charlie. Sad to say, a couple months after surgery, Algernon was regressing. He would not solve mazes anymore or eat. Later Algernon died. Charlie pondered of the idea the same may happen to himself. He later discovered the Algernon-Gordon effect. It’s were you get brain stimulators and increases your brain activity, but once you reach your peak, you slowly regress like Algernon and eventually pass away. The book never says what happened to Charlie, all it said was he was leaving (running away) because he didn’t want everyone to watch him die, a slow and scary death. The last things he said was, (exactly how Charlie wrote it in his current degreasing state) “Please if you get a chanse put some flowrs on Algernons grave in the bak yard ... Thus ending flowers for Algernon.
To conclude, “Flowers for Algernon” truly portrays the theme sacrifice by Charlie Gordon who sacrifices all he has and is because he wants to be
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