Charlie Hebdo Analysis

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The limits of freedom of expression in connection with Charlie Hebdo Liberté, égalité, fraternité, (translated; liberty, equality, and fraternity) is the proud motto of the French and the fundament of a great nation. But are these three values cohesive and equally represented in European democracies? After the shootings on the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, an intense debate about the limitation of freedom of speech has arisen. Based on the English philosopher John S. Mill’s theory of freedom of expression, this essay will show why the freedom of speech should be controlled. This essay is composed upon the belief that there should be a limit to what is allowed to be expressed when it is on the expense of others, both physically and mentally. Freedom of expression is a very broad term that causes definitional problems. One can express their political beliefs or thoughts on the economic crisis, but under the concept of free speech in a democracy, also voice hate speeches and offensive falsehoods. Mill would argue that these kinds of speech should be allowed… The English philosopher John Stuart Mill is known as one of the great defenders of liberty, and through his essay On Liberty he summarizes his thoughts on the relationship between authority and liberty. He argues against governmental interference when it comes to three main liberties; the freedom of thought and emotion, the freedom to pursue tastes, and the freedom to unite. As an important aspect of freedom,
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