Charlie Hunnam Analysis

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Our Experience at Charlie Hunnam’s Sparring Session
What we took away from a sparring session with Sons of Anarchy star Charlie Hunnam.
The day was gray in Beverly Hills, and Charlie Hunnam was arriving at the dojo, which has become his favorite hangout.
Charlie is popularly known as Jax, the role he played in the bikers’ gang drama series Sons of Anarchy for seven years. Charlie comes to train in Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the dojo. He fell in love with the martial art after watching UFC bouts, and the last year has seen him coming to the dojo. Charlie is getting ready to fight for a white belt by next month. The actor weighs 165 pounds and is six feet tall. Here is a chance to see him fight in reality.
Before the actual sparring started, the
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For his role in The Lost City of Z where Charlie played the obsessive British explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett, he lost about 40 pounds and turned vegan. The actor endured hardship while shooting the film in the Amazonian Jungle in Colombia. The film took four months to shoot, and by the end of filming, everybody on set was already edgy and feeling hysterical. During all these time, Charlie Hunnam had no contact with the outside world. The director of the movie, James Gray, described Charlie has an unhappy and starving man, with hopelessness showing on his face. Despite all the challenges, the actor did his part.
Papillon, Hunnam's latest movie, also required extreme bodily exertions as the actor had to shed some 30 pounds of body weight. He says his body wasn’t ready for another bout of forced weight shedding, and he was compelled to sustain himself with cigarettes and coffee for the next three months, and his body later went into a crisis. Right now, he is trying to quit the habit of smoking by using e-cigarettes. He has however been able to stop smoking weed. He says he used to smoke up to an ounce in a week and feel proud of himself. Later, he realized he didn’t want to live a stoned life and decided to quit for
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