'Charlie In Flowers For Algernon'

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Have you ever hit a part in your life where you were wishing you were smarter? Many people can assure you that Charlie has, he has a learning disability and dreams of what the world would be like if he were smarter. In the case of Flowers for Algernon, the good outweighs the bad because of three reasons, those being, Charlie gets an eye-opening experience, he gets to fulfill his dreams, and he gets to find where he is truly happy.

Seeing things in new or different ways can be very intriguing. Charlie has always wanted to see what life would be like if he were smarter. Since Charlie chose to go through with the operation, he got the experience of a lifetime, he was able to learn and do things he had never imagined of doing. Charlie was
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Charlie got to have a taste of what the ‘smart life’ was like and was tired of it. He wanted to be the old Charlie Gordon again, he knew that he was happy that way. Charlie got to work at the bakery and loved it every second that he was there, but after he got operated on, he dreaded going to the bakery because he got treated differently than everyone else. As the ‘smart Charlie’ slowly faded away, he went back to the bakery and again, started to love every minute of it, he went and gave all of his true friends a hug and proceeded to work once again. Even before going back to the bakery, when he was in Chicago, Charlie realized who his true friends were. Charlie was closest with Algernon, the mouse, and after Algernon died, Charlie immediately buried him with the locket that was previously his mother’s. Alice met Charlie at Algernon’s grave site and that is where Charlie found his best friend, who has stuck by his side through the entire process. Charlie was thrilled to go back to his old self and be Charlie Gordon again, just to be happy. To find true happiness means different things to different people but when people find themselves and in a happy place, that is true
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