Charlie White Short Story

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As you can probably tell, Charlie White was not a particularly calm individual. In fact he had Generalized Anxiety disorder that of course mixed in with the reality that he hacked a small private bank and the National Crime Agency had him under suspicion, “Safewell” the bank was ironically dubbed. It was a bank where accounts would need to be at least One Hundred thousand pounds in wealth, no less but far more could be deposited. In return for keeping a small fortune at this establishment Interest Rates where to kill for, or to hack for in this case. The building was positioned right next to a small Coffee shop, that provided Wi-Fi, unrestricted, untraceable. Charlie would sit in this shop and
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This couldn’t be- the beeping grew faster, it was happening, this was it, this was-
Charlie woke up on the floor of his dirty bedroom. He was sweating profusely despite the fact that he was shivering. The rough, matted carped provided not comfort and the foul odour leaking for the pipes only made him feel ill. He lay on his back for a matter of minutes, staring at the mouldy ceiling, sucking in deep lungful’s of air. When he could muster the courage he dragged himself onto his bed. Only to notice the time, he was running late for his interview.
He took little care in dressing himself and was out of his apartment in ten minutes. He would make himself look more presentable on the tube he thought. He performed his routine of checking over his shoulder, worrying about an sounds that may arise until he reached the underground station. He went past the gates, ran down the corridor, pushing past dawdling tourists or confused pensioners until he reached the platform. He had made it, and that gave him time to catch his
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There was no one around for him to worry about. And nothing at all interesting or dangerous to read into, just an ordinary tube carriage. That was until a man wearing jogging bottoms and a Liverpool United football shirt sat down opposite him, staring intently into him. Charlie took out his phone. It was dual-booted with Kali Linux, the hacker’s go-to operating system. He inserting a wireless card disguised as a USB drive into the charging port ad began setting up an attack. Each carriage had its own router, even though all were connected to the same network. He create a fake Wireless Access Point under the pseudonym “TFL WiFi” the same as the non-malicious router. He tapped a few keys, entered a few passwords and then within a minuet the main router was taken offline, any traffic would be diverted to Charlies’ computer, a “Man In the Middle” Attack. He poked around with the data packets and before long he discovered he was dealing with “Richard Johnson” a National Crime Agency detective. Charlies mouth went dry, his palms resembling melting icecaps. This was
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