Charlie's Intelligence In Daniel Keyes Flowers For Algernon

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Have you ever seen a person get bullied for their low intelligence? Well, this is how Charlie Gordon got treated before he had the Artificial Intelligence(A.l.) surgery. Charlie was the main character in Daniel Keyes science fiction story “ Flowers for Algernon”. Before the surgery, Charlie had an I.Q. of 68 which made him a great candidate for the A.I. experiment. Add your thesis here before you preview your three reasons for the reader Charlie’s intelligence increased after his surgery which changed how people treated him. Charlie’s life became better after the A.I. surgery. Move your thesis He was more intelligent and was able to understand what was going on in his life. After having the A.I. surgery, Charlie gained awareness of his friends and began to question their characteristics. He noticed they were not kind and didn’t treat him with the same way that they treated others.…show more content…
Add a specific reason from the opposition here. I disagree for several reasons. One reason Charlie should of had the surgery is that it allowed him to understand what was happening in his life. Before his surgery, he was unaware of how others mistreated him. Through this awareness Charlie was able to gain confidence and self esteem in himself. The confidence and self-esteem allowed him to feel accepted and smart like his peers. He did not feel alone anymore. Charlie was grateful for the surgery because it allowed him to finally feel the way he had wished to feel. He was feeling accepted in society by his peers. He even says “I am grateful for the little bit that I have add to my knowledge of the function of the laws governing of artificial intelligence.” (Keyes 239). This evidence clearly supports the decision of Charlie participating in this experiment was indeed a good choice because he gained confidence and self esteem to help overcome the challenges he will face in his
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