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Charlize “Movie Star” Theron
Charlize Theron experienced death at a young age. She was only fifteen when her father was killed. She lived in South Africa before she started her career in fame. She may have only been fifteen when she witnessed her mother shoot and kill her father, but after that she went on to pursue her dreams.
Who is she? Charlize Theron is different; she will always be a South African girl who will do anything for her movies, be happy in what she does, and she will always have her best friend. Theron’s childhood was spent in her native South African home, where her parents ran a road construction company(snyder). She didn’t finish high school or go to college(winfrey). No matter what though, inside she was just a twentyfour year-old South African girl raised on a farm, whose best friend in the world is her mother(Hylton). Theron goes through multiple transformation for the movies she stars in(Conley). Oprah Winfrey once asked her what her
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Just ten years later, Theron was walking across stage to accept the Academy Award for Best Actress(Winfrey). Oscar-winning portrayal of Aileen Wuornos in “Monster”--for which she gained thirty pounds, wore prosthetic teeth, and cannily captured the physicality of the hard-bitten lesbian serial killer(Snyder). Charlize Theron has once said in an interview that it irks her that people think she chose the roles she does because they’ll take her seriously is she’s not looking pretty. Some say that great actors come from the theater, but Theron says that she did ballet, and that’s her foundation. Theron was just eighteen when she moved to Hollywood, little did she know that just ten years later she would be accepting an award for Best

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