Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman Analysis

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Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman was an iconic feminist of her turn-of-the-century time period where she advocated for women’s rights specifically as well as having controversial, even contradictory beliefs in areas of other social reform. As an author, lecturer, and social critic of the Reconstruction to Industrial movement time period where crucial societal changes were occurring for women, she was able to speak on and revolt against the stereotypical submissive role that women played in the American household of that time, with the seemingly sole purpose of motherhood and subservience to a husband. In addition, her political standpoint was visible in her fiction and nonfiction writings, the most famous being “The Yellow Wallflower”. This short story is told from a narrative, journaled perspective that is a reflection of a true account from Gilman’s…show more content…
Martha Luther was Charlotte Perkins Gilman young friend in which she described herself as perfect happiness when she was with her, she admits being in love with Martha but claims they never engaged in sexual relations. Though they remained friends, this intimacy and romantic love they had soon faded as each was expected to pursue the role of women that was expected. However, George Gilman served as Charlotte’s ideal companion, married in 1900, during which she was able to become the sole writer on a magazine called “The Forerunner”, lecture, and advocate for women’s breaking of the stereotypical role. They were married until his death in 1934, and she was left with her breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 75. Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman’s life ended in suicide via a soaked chloroform rag held to her face leaving behind a note that read, “I have preferred chloroform to
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