Charlotte Holmes Research Paper

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Brittany Cavallaro states, “We’ve always been harder on girl geniuses than their counterparts, especially when that genius isn’t neat and tidy, polite and professional...This is where I began building the character of Charlotte Holmes.” I believe that this statement is very true. In the book A Study in Charlotte, Charlotte Holmes is the girl genius and has to prove herself to society. Although Charlotte’s overtaking intelligence is her main quality in the book, she has many other redeeming qualities that make her the confident and smart person she is.
In our society today women are way more accepted and equal than we used to be, but not totally equal. I believe women and men should be 100 percent equal. If a boy genius presents himself to society he is more likely to be accepted and get away with things that he says/does, but if a girl or woman genius presents herself to society, society will judge and criticize her for almost everything she does. In the book Charlotte is very headstrong and confident about her work and her thoughts. She is not always accepted by the students
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Sometimes when people have a troubled past, they use it as an excuse for the mistakes they make. Charlotte is not like this, she is confident in every action she does and will defend it. Jamie explains, “She pulled herself up, as proud as an ancient queen. Her face was perfectly blank” (Cavallaro 203). This shows how confident Charlotte is, as confident and proud as ancient queen. Jamie sees Charlotte as a perfect young woman even though Cavallaro displays the female genius as imperfect. But, although she is imperfect, she is confident in everything that she
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