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The five foot one inch red headed girl with freckles and green eyes named Charlotte “Chauncy” Kayleen Thompson had always had a need for thrills and adventure. This need started when she was just able to walk and her dad would sit her on the cold, wooden toboggan in front of him, hold on tight to her tiny arms and together they would speed down the snow covered hills behind her grandparents’ house, the wind whipping their hair back and both screaming with delight as they flew faster and faster down the hill. Then, it was on to the horses her parents raised on their beautiful southern farm near Duck Hill, Mississippi. Her mother, Ida Lynn, had started to enter her in small, local rodeos and riding competitions after her father, Eric, was drafted…show more content…
Her family had been involved in the military since the Revolutionary War, as Chauncy’s grandfather and namesake, Chauncy Thompson, fought on the American side. Despite the years that America had no warfare, a Thompson male was enlisted in most likely the Marines. Once in a blue moon, someone threw in a wild card and had joined the Navy or Air Force. Ordinarily, a Thompson would not enlist as a soldier in the United States Army. Moreless, a female Thompson would not volunteer for the military. Without exception, Thompson females graduated high school and from there attended college at the University of Mississippi for a degree that interests that said…show more content…
After he was out of sight, all eight of the soldiers took a deep breathe, some sat down and put their hands on their knees with their heads hanging down while a few others stood still, shocked by their orders. Tony, who was not just a soldier but also a husband and a father to three boys, one a newborn, kicked the basketball hoop, said a few choice words and stormed away. Chauncy, Chris, and Colby took off after Tony, who was going to sit in his cot, and look at the pictures of his young family who misses him

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