Charter School Observation Report

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I found the readings on education reform to be interesting. I enjoyed reading about charter schools and what school organizations need to be an effective school. I learned from the readings about Charter Schools which are not too familiar in the area where I live in Michigan. From the readings I have a new perspective of what factors are needed to be an effective school. I found the topic of charter schools to be interested because I don’t know a lot about charter schools. In the state of Michigan there has been a large amount of charter schools that have been created in the Detroit Michigan area. From the readings and from what I have seen of some charter school in Detroit they seem to have increased academic preparation and increase the number of student continuing their education after high school. I have interviewed at charter schools and I’ve never accepted a position with one I often wonder what’s the difference between a charter school and a public school. From my experience the difference is that charter schools have fewer students, younger staff…show more content…
Something else to remember is that charter schools are not only segregated by race or ethnicity but their also segregated by socioeconomic status. Where I live people of middle class regardless of race or ethnicity is not sending their children to charter schools. I believe this is because in Michigan there is a negative stereo type to charter schools. Personally I feel that I have been trained to believe that charter schools are negative from the feedback that I hear from educators that I have worked with in Michigan. Although I have been told that charter schools are negative I agree with the point that these schools have great success stories that should receive respect in the education
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