Charter Schools Case Study

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Charter Schools are public schools who operates independently to the terms of a contract or charter that can last up to five years. They are governed by nonprofit boards of trustees who are responsible for establishing school policies and compliance with state and federal law. Charter schools differ to public schools in setting their own codes of discipline, promotion criteria, and policies. However, both public and charter schools must comply with State and Federal laws as it applies to education. If a charter school fails to meet academic goals they can lose the ability to operate as such and can be closed down. Charter schools are regulated by New York city Dept of Education, State University of New York charter school institute and New York State education department of charter school Office (
The mission of the New York State Education Department Charter School Office is to create and sustain excellent educational options for New York State families on behalf of the Board of Regents through high quality charter school authorizing, fair and transparent oversight of all charter schools, and the dissemination of innovative school designs and practices (
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It is my belief that charter schools should be held accountable for addressing the needs of the same student population. The New York City Department of Education, in collaboration with the Office of School Health, has implemented programs to address mental issues in schools. Charter schools should implement the same services to the students who are enrolled I their school, opposed to discharging them to the public school they are sharing the building with. The disparity in testing scores and graduation rates will remain the same if the policy remains the same. Administration and enrollment procedures should be the same for Charter and public

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