Charter Schools Vs Public Schools

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There is a dire need to reform public schools, test scores are often mediocre, achievement gap is atrocious, and this is only exacerbated by race. There are a couple of potential solutions already in place, these two being the No Child Left Behind Act and the topic of this memo, charter schools. Charter schools are still public schools, but they do depart from traditional public schools in many regards for example, they differ in that they are often more specified in curriculum or final goal than a traditional school. Beyond the basic understanding of what a charter school is, the more important issue to face is how this not only how this is will theoretically help but also how it has practically worked over time. All though little evidence…show more content…
First, these schools begin with a person or a coalition of people creating a charter that lays out their mission. They then take this charter to a board in order to get it and themselves approved to start a school. Next, the founders of the school either need to use their own money or find a sponsor to start up the school by finding a building, purchasing or creating curriculum, and finding teachers and other administrators. Once it is up and running with students, the state will start to give funding, this being a certain amount per pupil, so larger schools will receive more money and smaller schools will receive less funding. Parents must choose to send their kids to charter schools, no child will be placed there because it is the closest school or all the local schools are quite full. Charter schools do have more freedom than traditional public schools, but nonetheless are tethered to an…show more content…
The market approach, charter schools work like a rival company that is being allowed, without repercussions, to take the others consumers. This will one or both sides to be better in order to take the student, and the money from the pupil. Other than this goal, charter schools can focus on specific goals, like a maritime school or a school dedicated to teaching a foreign language. On top of this, many charter schools are built in low income areas to attempt and assist to give a better education and better set up low income populations for the future. The goals of these schools have the ability to be dominant and in turn, help reform the public education system especially if given enough time to grow and develop, but until that point, like any potential startup will struggle for a

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