Chase And Company Case Study: Jpmorgan Chase & Co

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JPMorgan Chase & Co is a leading global financial services firm and one of the oldest in the United States with a 200-year history. It operates in more than 60 countries and has over 240, 000 employees. ("About Us", n.d.) One of the company 's business goals is on employing the most talented people that is not limited by gender, ethnicity or physical disability. ("Frequently Asked Questions", n.d.) JPMorgan Chase also prides itself in actively encouraging its employees to communicate with others in the workplace through annual forums, business resource groups, open discussions with senior leaders and seeking input from its employees. ("Diversity & Inclusion", n.d.) With this diversity in culture, there is bound to be miscommunication and conflict.…show more content…
This fosters informal communication among employees working around each other. The concept of flexible seating has also been introduced, where employees are free to pick and choose where they want to sit every time they come into the office. This encourages networking amongst employees as ideas bounce back and forth which in turn boosts productivity. (Giang, 2013) Some employees have given feedback that having to select a seat causes loss of time, and getting to know your new neighbour also eats into your working hours and one might end up spending more time talking than getting work done which eventually affects productivity. With all that talking, others can also find it distracting. To an introvert, having to meet new people everyday will seem daunting and this might cause him stress and under perform. A solution to this could be to have movable furniture like cabinets and desks that can be reconfigured so that employees who want to work privately can do so. (Giang,…show more content…
Managers and decision makers have to deal with the overload of information and sift out the important and useful details. The result is a loss of communication effectiveness. Many systems now use a view-at-a-glance "dashboard" to bring across important information in a condensed fashion. This not only saves time, but it reduces the headache of having to read through long and unnecessary reports. (Griffin & Moorhead, 2014) JPMorgan Chase provides private and investment banking services among others, which means it has access to personal data of its clients. The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) was established in 2013 to govern the collection, use and disclosure of personal data of individuals. JPMorgan Chase prides itself in being a trusted, world-class business and regulates the flow of personal data within its organization by disallowing the use of the office communicator to employees with access to sensitive information. This is just one of the many measures taken to safeguard the interests of its

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