Chase Barclays: A Short Story

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“Tell me the story of my life as you know it,” I asked my dad knowing that I needed as much as I could get from him. Of course, against my dismay, he started with, “Chase Barclay was born in Houston, Texas on a warm humid day in January 2002.” “I need more information, some really deep stuff,” I said in a rather upset tone since I thought he understood what I was doing with what he said. “Chase 's middle name, Woodrow, is from his grandfather, who was named for President Woodrow Wilson. From the start, we knew Chase was very intelligent. He crawled earlier than most kids. Also, he sat up early and he walked very early too. Chase moved to Dallas when he was 10 months old. Chase loved electronics very early as he watched his mom and dad working…show more content…
I was calling for you to come to the door to open it, but you didn’t. You cried while you were sitting on your big bear (Clancy) just calling for ‘daddy.’ So, I decided that I needed to get inside anyway, so he told me to stay away from the door and he broke it. Of course, the Park City crash story is important and you know it, but I’ll talk about it anyway. Chase is a good skier, but on our last day in Park City a few years ago, he took a jump too fast and fell backwards hitting his head. He felt dizzy, so the ski patrol took the precaution of securing his neck and putting him on the board to the bottom of the ski hill to the medical facility. They took x-rays and said he may have broken his neck in two places! He was rushed via ambulance to the local hospital where they took further x-rays and a ct scan. The entire time, Chase was still in his ski clothes and a neck brace. Finally, the doctor came in with the BEST and worst news possible. There was nothing wrong with Chase 's neck; instead, the doctor told us the x-rays were misinterpreted, and it was his growth plates! However, Chase was not able to ski the final day of the trip which really upset

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