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The Chase Family Vault The Chase Family Vault is one of the most haunting objects on the Island of Barbados. There lived the Chase Family Bodies. There have been many other people for other generations. They have always had one question… How does it move? The vault is sealed how does it move? It is in the middle of a creepy personally owned cemetery. But is it a ghost? Has it been Broken Into? The Coffins of the Chase Family are located on an island called Barbados. The “Vault” is a hand built coffin were all the people that die in the family get to go there. There is a lot of history about the vault and many stories about it. There was a house the Chase Family lived in and the cemetery was behind it. The house was used for many things. The house was used for dining, cooking, visiting, and chores. There were normally at least 10 children living in the house and many servants and apprentices. A many named Tristan and his wife moved in along with his 4 children. They lived there for about 50 years or so. His wife was the last one in the coffin. They also have many…show more content…
They knew it wasn’t water because no water could get in the vault also there has been no sign of wear that could be from water. At the time there were no earthquakes but it still moved. A man named James Elliot built the vault/coffin house 80 years prior to them buying it. They wanted to attempt to find the cause of it moving so they sealed it and came back a few months later and they still moved! A family that bought it before noticed the body of James wife was gone! Soon after that the Chase Family put their first body in the vault. The Chase Family Vault is one of the most haunting objects on the Island of Barbados. Today people of Barbados can’t find the cause of this so now it is a haunted landmark on the island. The property is now off limits to any civilian use and the vault will never be opened

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