Chasing Life Brenna Character Analysis

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Brenna Finally Comes Out on ‘Chasing Life’

After months of living in her sister’s shadow, Brenna (Haley Ramm) finally showed up and reached her peak point in the third episode of “Chasing Life” Season 2.

It has been a longtime coming for the once rebellious sister of April (Italia Ricci). During the episode, Brenna reached her boiling point with several emotional scenes that would make fans feel for her, TV equals reported.

Brenna has been through a lot, her sister was diagnosed with cancer, she loses Greer and she has been forced to leave her private school and attend public so that their mother can afford April’s treatment , all while being the maid of honor.

Fans should feel for Brenna, according to TV Fanatic, because even if April’s life has been turned upside down due to her leukemia, her
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For background, Natalie dated with April’s ex-boyfriend, Dominic (Richard Brancatisano) but she had no clue that it was her sister’s past relationship.

Brenna changed her judgement towards April at the counclusion when April treated Brenna’s opinion as important and that she said to Brenna that both of them would decide whether to tell their mother about Brenna’s secret. Also in the episode, Natalie opened a manuscript which belongs to their father. According to their manuscript, their father viewed Natalie as simple, Brenna as the Band-Aid child and April as the golden child.

But the three sisters, instead of being angered to the manuscript, decided that they would not want to keep secrets from each other.

“Chasing Life” is a story about April, a smart and quick-witted aspiring Journalist who was trying to work her way up the ladder at a Boston newspaper but her life changed when she got news that she has leukemia.

Next episode of “Chasing Life” Season 2 will air next Monday on ABC Family. The episode is entitled “Truly Madly
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