Chasing Lincoln's Killer Book Report

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James L. Swanson Chasing Lincoln’s Killer 2009 Chasing Lincoln’s Killer is a book about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, a past United States of America president. The introduction of the book is how John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln’s killer, and his accomplices, made a plan to kidnap the American president, but their plan failed. So, John Wilkes Booth and his little gang decide to kill the President, the Vice President, and the Secretary of State in one night. John Wilkes Booth would kill the president at Ford’s theater, His accomplice George Atzerodt would kill the Vice President at the Vice President’s hotel room. Lewis Powell and David Herold would kill the Secretary of State. April 14, 1865 their plan was struck into action. John Wilkes booth had made his preparations for the attack, he had an escape route, a backup plan, his weapon, he knew where the president was going to sit, he knew secret tunnels and passageways in Ford’s theater, and he had his horse ready. All he needed was the president. Meanwhile at the Secretary’s house Lewis Powell and David Herold had arrived and waited for the perfect time to attack. When they saw no guards around Lewis Powell, disguised as a messenger, went up to the Secretary of State’s house and rang the doorbell. The Secretary’s servant answered the door and tried to recieve the package from Lewis, but…show more content…
David Herold surrendered because he thought he didn’t do anything wrong, while John Wilkes Booth wanted an honorable death. The Union troop lit the barn on fire, but John Wilkes Booth would rather burn alive than surrender. The fire illuminated the inside of the barn to where they could see John Wilkes Booth. There one of the soldiers, Boston Corbett, shot and killed John Wilkes
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