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7th grade ela 3/24.23 Chasing Lincoln’s Killer
Chasing Lincoln's Killer is a novel authorized by James L. Swanson. This book was published in February 2009. Chasing LIncoln's killer is about a man named John Wilkes Booth who killed the president of the United States of America. He killed him because he held that belief, and it was the motive behind his plot to murder Abraham LIncoln. April 14, 1865. Booth was pushed to kill Lincoln even more because of the devil speaking to him. Booth just wanted to kill Lincoln because he held that belief, and it was the motive behind his plot to murder President Abraham Lincoln.

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While President Abraham Lincoln was sitting in his chair in the president's booth, John Wilkes Booth decided to kill lincoln. John hid behind the curtain that was located right next to the front door which was near the president's booth. While John was hiding behind the curtain the devil came up next to him and was whispering in his ear to shoot Lincoln even more than Booth already wanted to. When Booth shot Lincoln in the head he didn’t even fill it. As soon as Booth shot him Booth left immediately.

As he was getting out of the theater he tripped and fell but it did not stop him, Booth left through the side exit. In the alleyway outside of the theater, he mounted a horse and rode away. Joined by His accomplice David Herold. John was heading to southern Maryland and towards Virginia. Since Booth's leg was broken it took him longer to get to where he was heading. Once Booth met up with his accomplice David Herold before stopping at the Surrats' house and Tavern for supplies and guns stashed there earlier. Page …show more content…

Mudd, who splinted the assassin's leg. They managed to cross the Potomac river into Virginia more than a week later. Booth and Herold finally got to Virginia, Where they went to a farm to hide from the soldiers who were looking for him all over the place. John and Herold found this farm owned by the Garrets family. The Garrets family called the soldiers and when they showed up they took the soldiers to the barn where David Herold and John Wilkes Booth were located. They surrounded the barn all the way around to make sure they were not escaping. When they heard the soldiers they tried to kick the wood to break the wood but they couldn’t because John's legs were broken so they did not have as much power to break the

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