Chasing The American Dream Summary

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The authors of “Chasing the American Dream” start the book by defining the American Dream, and detailing how this set of ideals (personal freedom, liberty, opportunity) is embedded into our culture. The authors write about how these idealsare central to American art and culture. They give the examples of jazz and rock and roll, two music genres in which the concept of freedom played a fundamental role in their development. The also go on to write about how words “freedom” and “liberty” resonate with the American public, and are thus found through the marketing and advertising world” (16). The authors assert that the concept of the American dream also has a large impact on control, believing that “America’s love affair with the automobile is also about personal freedom” (16). The authors also write about impact the words associated with the American dream have has on “past and current…show more content…
To Davidson, the American dream is the ability to pursue your realistic goals and reach your full potential in a country that treats people fairly, and support everyone. Davidson is every serious about he importance of the American dream, and she works to do her part of making sure “our system of justice functions the wait its supposed to” (23). Finally, we learn about the story of Sir Derek Jacobi, a renowned English actor. Derek is an actor who has had to endure significant social and financial problems to continue to pursue his goals, To Jacobi, the American dream is about pursuing your passions, no matter what sacrifices you need to make to do so. The chapter ends by taking one work of emphasis from the stories; Freedom, potential and passion. The authors neatly put these words together in a complete statement defining the American dream; “the freedom to pursue your passion in order to reach your
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