Chasity: A Narrative Fiction

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Chasity came running out of the deep forest and into her mother 's loving arms. She seemed startled and was covered in dirt and scratches. “What’s happened to you?” her mother asked. She remained silent. “I...was climbing trees,” Chasity answered back. Her mother asked why she was running so fast, but Chasity was still catching her breath. “I was running away from something,” Chasity explained. Her mother’s eyes widened with concern. Chasity couldn’t remember what she was running from, other than bumping her head and her vision being distorted. Her mother then took her inside their old white house with its shingles falling off and into the kitchen to get her cleaned up. In the house lived Chasity, her mother, her uncle Dave, and her grandparents. Chasity is thirteen years old and was born with a twin sister. She was told that her sister 's name was Lilly and that she died after birth.…show more content…
Chastity 's mother told them that Chasity was running and had bumped her head in the woods. Grandpa Max and Grandma Sue whispered secretly together. “She’s done it again” Grandma Sue said. Grandpa Max replied, “It’s getting worse.” Chasity overheard them talking about her but decided to ignore their words. Chasitys mother reassured that Chasity must’ve heard a strange animal and got scared so she ran away. Chasity tried her best to remember what it was but she knew it wasn 't some animal that could have frightened her. She believed all creatures are beautiful and should never be
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