Chastain's Theory Of Listening Comprehension

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2.3 The improvement of listening skills In every situation, people have to listen to others, when they are talking to their friends or when they are shopping, even when they have a family gathering, while watching TV or when listening to the radio. However, learners do not lay great emphasis on the development of listening skills in a foreign language, and usually they do not especially like listening exercises at all. In the following section, Chastain’s (1988) theory of listening comprehension and two other research projects, one from Miller (2003) and on from Woottipong (2014), will be explored. According to Chastain (1988), word and language knowledge are needed in order to understand a text. When learners listen, they have a purpose and definite expectations, so it can be helpful if there are visual or contextual clues to discover the meaning of the given text. Furthermore, he states that the learners’ attention is on speaking, so they underestimate the importance of listening comprehension. However, the development of listening comprehension is an essential requirement to develop speaking skills because without understanding there is no speaking. Chastain argues that undeveloped listening…show more content…
In order to listen carefully learners need effort and they have to concentrate; however, it is not easy to tell whether a learner actually listens to the speaker. Not listening carefully can lead to bad grades, incorrect homework or even losing opportunities. Woottipong confirms the fact that listening skill is seldom taught, all the other 3 skills are more important this, and only a small number of courses are devoted to improving listening skills. Nevertheless, listening is a natural process through which acquiring a new language is possible. According to the researcher, listening can also help in the enhancement of speaking skills, as spoken language offers interaction for the

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