Chaucer's Canterbury Tales And The Wife Of Bath

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Women during the middle ages faced a lot of oppression from men and were taught to be submissive. Women during this period desired to have sovereignty over men. Most women were told to be respectful and follow men commands that were thrown at them. Women duties were cooking, caring for the house, and providing for their kids. If women wanted to do anything other than care for the household, they would be looked down upon and titled as an unfit mother or wife. The Canterbury Tales displayed women as an ideology that women could not hold power and that beauty could be obtained by altering their appearance for women to become attributes for men. In this society, Chaucer is sympathetic to women while also realizing that men own women. The Wife of Bath went through five husbands, each giving her just what she wanted. All of her marriages taught her something different, either you get love or your give love. Most of her husbands were not dominate in the marriage. Her last husband was the one she truly loved despite the fact that he laid his hands on her. The Wife of Bath married three older men that were rich and submissive. Throughout her marriages, she would discipline her husbands and torment them into total submissiveness. She would also use methods like manipulating them until they give her money for satisfaction in bed. The Wife of Bath did not see anything wrong with treating her husbands this way if anything she would think back and laugh at how much she got away with
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