Chaucer's Use Of Satire In The Canterbury Tales

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Using of Satire ( “ Chaucer’s use of satire to reach intended audience”) Chaucer “The father of english” was a great author and continues to raise question still today Amy Midden excalimes “The “Canterbury Tales” is considered to be one of the greatest poetic works in English” (Midden). Which still stand to be very true this day. In the “Canterbury Tales” Chaucer uses satire in many different ways throughout his story to reaches out to others and says what he is thinking and or believes through others. Chaucer disagrees with many things that are set in stone during his time, being the 1300’s, but rather there is no safe to say what he is thinking and go against the “laws of life” during the 1300’s because he will get jacked for doing so. Chaucer decides that during a trip he is taking to write down the stories of others, he doesn’t use their actual names but rather makes fictional characters to tell each story in the “Canterbury Tales” The three main things that Chaucer disagrees with during his time is the church, patriarchy, and lastly class nobility. He uses theses characters to essentially say what he needs to say without him himself actually saying so. This brings us to the use of satire by Chaucer in the “Canterbury Tales.” He uses satire when talking about the church, the patriarchy that happens and the class nobility that is clearly seen throughout his time. Chaucer uses three different people to say what he needs to say when
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