Chavez Birthright Citizenship Analysis

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I profoundly agree with Chavez as she talks about, “Repealing the birthright citizenship is a terrible idea” (596). If we as Americans take the joy and pride of people that come to this land for freedom and a new life, what make us any better than Great Britain when we first started to build this country. We settle here for a change of mind and also a change of heart. By that being the case, us trying to take away the birthright citizenship to those who wasn’t born on this soil is absolutely wrong. Firstly, when Will said ‘To end the practice of “birthright citizenship,” all that is required is to correct the misinterpretation of that amendment first sentence’ (601). How could anybody say it was a misinterpretation on something that someone else wrote? We as a nation should look at immigrants not as a threat, but for an opportunity for a friendship. Some people might not have been able to go anywhere, so they came to America to feel relived from the stress that was put a pond them. Thus, many might not like people coming over to the “land of the free”, but what…show more content…
Our nation say we are here to help people. We say we are here to give people a chance to be free. We say we that we will help our neighbor. Many might think like Will when it comes to not have immigrants in the county. One can see what he is saying. We need to put a setting on thing. We need to say this for people want do this. People that come over to America might be having a child and want their child to have a better future. Who are we to take that away from them? Who are we to take the lives of others? Some people might can’t read or know our language, but we will kick them out of the county. This isn’t fair to the people who really would like to do some good for the nation and its
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