Chcom005 Communication Questions And Answers

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CHCCOM005 – Assignment

What you have to do
The assignment for the unit CHCCOM005 Communicate and work in health or community services has 10 descriptive answer questions covering all the elements of this unit of competency.

Task 1 – Questions Question1.

What do you understand by verbal and non-verbal communication and List at least 5 points that could be done to improve communication within a healthcare sector.

Communication is loosely outlined as sending or receiving messages that contain meaning and these messages often contain thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings and information. While these messages can be communicated verbally through spoken word they are also communicated non-verbally through mannerisms such as body language, eye contact and gestures. As verbal communication coexists alongside non-verbal communication it can impact how the information is interpreted. Information can be interpreted very differently by subtle differences in mannerisms. Therefore communicating effectively helps ensure a more desired outcome, which is important within a healthcare industry. There are several ways to
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Firstly an individual should identify early signs of possibly problematic challenging situations and report accordingly. For example if an individual does not understand what task is asked of them they should seek advisement of someone who will be able to understand the information. Secondly they should also identify actual constraints to effective communication and resolve using appropriate communication strategies and techniques. This can include when an individual having a poor understanding of English and requiring an interpreter to have good communication. Finally an individual should use communication skills to diffuse and resolve situations. For example an individual should keep a client up to date with the progress of their glasses if they are

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