The Importance Of Buying A Layover In Iceland

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well howdy everybody today I am going to share with all of you how to buy cheap airfare so I was recently trying to buy a flight to china and I realized two things One I am broke and I don't have a lot of money to spend on a ticket and Two I don't actually know the best way to get a ticket to china So I did a bunch of research and found out that this actually applies to everything. So I want to share all of that with you. So here we go! First off don't fly If that is an option don't do it. So let me explain that sometimes I find so when I have been traveling in the united states hey it is a lot cheaper if I drive or if a bus or if I get on a train we don't really have a lot of those in the United States The best trick I have actually…show more content…
Is batch your flights. This is actually a person favorite of mine. If you want to go Iceland for example buy to a plane ticket to London that happens to have a layover in Iceland. It is way cheaper to do it this way and if you want to stay in Iceland you don't actually have to get on to the second flight. So airlines won't tell you this because it is kinda dangerous or something for them. I don't really know. I purposefully missed the second flight twice and have had no bad repercussions Number Lets say I don't have miles I run out or I can't find anything on craigslist or I can't find it on a batch flight what I will do instead is I will go on I will link to that down here probably. What I like about it is an aggreagator of flights which there are a lot of but this one takes into account details like layovers and the airports you will be going to it takes the human parts of flying rather than just the takeoff time and the time it is going to land and adds what it calls an ecstacy score. So it will tell you this is actually a great flight because it is not a redeye and you are not going to end up in Dubai actually Dubai is a terrible example because Dubai would actually be a lot of fun lets say…show more content…
So the people who own and probably hate me for doing this because it means sometimes they don't get the affiliate fee. Sorry guys you are probably not going to link to me now. But what I do is check to see if the carrier will offer me the flight for less. And I have actually seen this go both ways. I have seen where I buy a flight on Hipmunk Hipmunk will give me a better deal than say United will Sometimes though and this has only happened to me I think twice when I look at the flight on hipmunk it will give me one price say dollars US United will actually offer it to me for . Like I said this has only happened to me a couple times but I like to save a few bucks everyone likes to save money. So I have made it a habit to check the carriers website before I actually purchase the ticket to see which is cheaper. And if that doesn't work you are not tottally out of luck. You have one other option. What I try to do is keep my schedule flexible. So what I will do is set up alerts on and on Hipmunk also so that they will alert me if there is a cheaper flight that is available. For that check out

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