Cheap Oil Poverty

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Furthermore, as high employment rate and poverty sets in, worldwide starvation will eventually affect everyone. Starvation and famines is something that already exist today in many underdeveloped countries. Countries, such as Somalia, are already facing famine because of bad weather, and the lack of fresh water. By adding into the factor of the depletion of cheap oil, a recipe for disaster is brewed. Many developing countries rely on cheap oil to power their machineries for agriculture and industrial developments in order to survive, and to produce income from exports. If such a country cannot produce enough food for themselves to survive, how can other countries, such as Canada, that rely on these countries for agricultural and material products sustain its population.…show more content…
With the cost of living rising at a rate at which a very small amount of people can afford it, the country’s citizens will suffer from poverty. The effects of poverty will be most prominent in developing countries at first, but as those countries are unable to sustain the demands of other countries such as Canada, those other countries will also suffer. The depletion of cheap oil will lead to poverty in many countries that rely on oil to power their economies, unless another cheap energy dense resource is discovered. Canadians will be heavily affected by the poverty found in our supplier’s countries, through the increase of our cost of

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