Cheaper By The Dozen: An Analysis

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Fathers or dads can be different and have certain personalities. Some fathers are easy on life itself or they can be strict about time like Mr. Gilbreth in the book, “Cheaper by the Dozen.” There are also many other ways that dads can be. Such as patient or impatient, loud or quiet, outstanding or shy, and kind or maybe even fierce. Some people adopt children and their goal is to be kind and compassionate to their children. It is their responsibility to make their child successful and it takes a huge amount of hard work like how Mr. Gilbreth takes care of all of his 12 children or how Matthew in “Anne of Green Gables” has to learn to take care of the girl. In the story, it explained that he taught his children how to read and write, but couldn’t pay for them, not even one to go to school. An analysis of “Anne of Green Gables” and “Cheaper by the dozen is that both of the fathers, Matthew Cuthbert and Mr. Gilbreth, have many similarities as well as differences. One example is that in “Anne of Green Gables,” Matthew Cuthbert is stern but kind. He is one of those people who is hardcore when you first see him, but on the inside, he is as soft…show more content…
Gilbreth is caring but is precautious about the time that he spends and wants to record all of his and his family's data. This is a great trait in leading a successful life with work and family. To prove this, in the passage it says that, “Every child old enough to write - and Dad expected his offspring to start writing at a tender age - was required to initial the charts in the morning after he had brushed his teeth, taken a bath combed his hair, and made his bed.” It also says that “I can save forty-four seconds,” he grumbled, “but I wasted two minutes this morning putting this bandage on my throat.” These quotes from the passage “Cheaper by the Dozen,” explains the personalities of Mr. Gilbreth. It shows that he is cautious about his timing but cares a lot about his
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