Cheating In Middle School

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Grades are one of the biggest stresses in middle school. With all of the big tests and the fear that if you fail then your whole future is ruined. Also most kids feel that they are always doing something for school, whether it is studying or homework they often feel the urge to cheat on them. Most schools are based on standardized tests and how well you do on them, middle schoolers are very stressed on a regular bases. Grades can cause many different things to happen to students like loads of stress. When there’s too much homework, it can cause depression if a student is dealing with too much homework their life balance is thrown out of proportion (Steve). Also some teachers give out busy work for the students to do and they don 't learn anything from it, it just takes up valuable time to do (Conner, Pope, Galloway). One other thing that does not help on homeworks side is that students sometimes don’t get…show more content…
Stress causes students to cheat or turn their life in the wrong direction. Cheating is a problem but not an uncommon one. Students cheat on the MAP tests and many other assignments and school work. The trash folders on desks for example, students sometimes look at other peoples work to find answers and also look in recycling bins. To get on the honor roll you have to get all A’s, right? So some kids will cheat to get on there. The pressure of school sometimes makes students do really bad things that will change their life forever. 64% of students have handed in work done by others and 72% of students work on assignments together. Also 53% of students have admitted to cheating on tests. Some of the things students do are cutting to get their mind off of things, and taking drugs. The worst thing of all committing suicide (Bunnys4lifehw). One other thing is that when students are under a lot of pressure it can change their eating habits. Along with increased infections in the body and they won 't be able to concentrate (Conner,Pope,Galloway; Bunnys4lifehw;
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