Why Do Students Cheat

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In the twenty-first century, high school and college students find it more accessible to cheat in the digital age. The underlying cause of students cheating is an abundance amount of work to do in a minimal time frame. Cheating has become more common in the digital age because it is simply easier, but what teachers and parents do not understand is that students cheat do to obtaining a tremendous amount of work in such little time.
According to Ferric Fang(2013) the main idea about this subject is many students cheat because it is easier and to please their parents by getting good grades. As shown in the article, Why We Cheat,“Humans are surprisingly quick to cheat when the circumstances are conducive”(Fang 2). Students feel the need to cheat when the pressure is on. In the twenty-first century, it happens everyday, any age group, and in any environment. Not only do students cheat to please their parents with their good grades, but also because of being put under too much stress.
Another idea, by Cris Tovani(2014) is that students cheat because they do not consider the material they are learning as important. Cris Tovani states in her article, How We Drive Students to Cheat, “It’s not like I’m ever going to use this stuff again”(Tovani 2). When students
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Students as well as adults tend to use the same excuse for cheating. “When adults cheat, their excuse is often that their time is too valuable to waste or that it’s not a big deal”(Tovani 1). In high school, students use the same excuse when they obtain the answers from another source in order to finish the test or assignment. Cheating will get students through school but when it comes to their career in something they actually need to know what you are doing, it will not help the students then. Cheating goes beyond just affecting the students directly, but also into the school and its’
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