Cheating Is Wrong

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Cheating has long been used by man for unfair advancement over others. “In the history of mankind, for as long as there have been social structures, there have been cheaters – people who attempt to circumvent the rules and find illicit or even illegal shortcuts toward their goals.” (Kuo) Based on this excerpt, I believed the whole concept of cheating derived from mankind wanting a way to meet their goals faster so they turned to cheating. That being said, no matter what the reason or story cheating is detrimental to a sound education, profession, and lifestyle.

Believe it or not cheaters do have many reasons for their treasons. For instance, performance concerns, external pressure, unfair professors, and lack of effort. Those are just some of things that cheaters use to justify their cheating. Before you can end cheating you have to understand their thought process. “It is important to understand what motivates students to cheat because having alternative solutions to the pressures that lead good students to be dishonest may be helpful as you work to encourage your students
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I call it “blind cheating” its simply means when a person cheats and doesn 't realize nor foresee the consequences of his actions. While cheating is a sure way to satisfaction in the moment..when you don 't get caught that is. That is what you call short term cheating, the only real satisfaction you get from cheating. While long term satisfaction is achievable through cheating in some situations for the most part it gives the exact opposite feeling such as regret, helplessness, and a sense of stupidity. You will often find that cheaters experience these feelings in serious testing situations like the SAT or ACT were cheating is strictly prohibited. Not to forget a lack of knowledge for college a place of higher learning where expect cheaters to know the gist of what they learned in high
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