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Have you ever wondered what percentage of students who cheated get caught? Well, according to Ad Council and ETS, 95% of them do not get caught. This large percentage is very surprising. Some people immediately think that cheating is wrong because it is unfair to the honest people who worked hard to where they are. Others may consider cheating to be okay because it is very tempting and is acceptable if done only a few times. The topic of cheating has been very debatable, especially due to our sophisticated and evolving society. Although cheating is the easy way out, it is morally wrong because it harms your reputation and relationships, is detrimental to your health on many levels, and can also have a negative affect to your future.
One major disadvantage of cheating is that it puts your reputation and relationships in jeopardy. For example, Marion Jones, the former American track and field champion, lost her Olympic medals when federal investigators found out that she was taking performance enhancing drugs. She lost her reputation as a remarkable athlete, and subsequently
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First of all, cheating can become a habit and follow you throughout your life. Even if you say “just this once because I have to,” it can lead to more cheating because it is very compulsive and addictive. This is especially true in a relationship because cheating is like lying, so one lie can lead to another. Furthermore, cheating might increase your stress level because you are anxious and afraid to get caught. If you do get caught, the consequences may also affect your health, but very indirectly. A detention, for example, can cause you to feel depressed, be less confident, and have very low self-esteem. Socially, your peers might start to dislike you and talk behind your back. You would not have a lot of friends and probably get a bad reputation. Along with impacting your health, cheating can also negatively affect your

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