Cheating Persuasive Essay

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Refereeing is, by far, one of the most difficult jobs ever. There is always going to be one side that feels cheated and goes away disliking the ref. Every year at the Grizzlies playoffs, the chant, “Ref, you suck!” goes around the entire stadium again and again. No one likes the ref. So I have concocted an alternative plan that could exclude the referee so no one can complain about the game being unfair or that the ref cheated. Let the crowd decide. If more of the crowd cheers when a call is made, it counts, but if the crowd boos more, it doesn’t. It’s easy! On top of that, it follows the cornerstone of what this great nation was founded upon; democracy. Majority rules! Go USA! Don’t worry about the crowd being biased depending on where the teams play. They are tired of seeing the ref screw up the game as much as the next guy. They would never try to unfairly help their own teams or do anything to…show more content…
Therefore, the tickets would be cheaper! It is just a win-win for everyone. Except the refs, I suppose. However, they are to blame. It is only due to their inefficiencies that we must resort to creating this drastic change. I mean, they ALWAYS end up making someone angry. You’d think with all their training that they would be able to do their jobs better than everyone else in the stands, but nope. You’d be wrong. With this change, the people will be in charge of regulating the game so no one will be able to complain! It is the perfect solution. The players will be play the game knowing that their fans will call out the fouls against them however, will also be aware that they are not cheaters so they will also call the fouls committed by the players. It is significantly more efficient than hiring more refs or training them to be in the right position for each play to be sure they can make the right call. That takes far too much time and
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