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College is the time in your life when you are told you get to mess up and make mistakes, but what if that mistake happened in your life before you got to school and it had severe real world repercussions. In the article “Creeps on Campus” Dawn Mackeen suggests that colleges should not disqualify students based on criminal or moral history. Mackeens article focus of a man named David Cash, who while on a weekend trip to Las Vegas with his best friend, witnessed his friend drag a seven year old girl into the bathroom where he went on to molest and strangle her. While Cash was not officially charged with anything, and at there the time there were no laws stating you had to report a crime or a suspected crime, he had already been accepted into…show more content…
In addition there is the argument of judging a person morally and then denying them an education, and there is no easy answer for this question. Should a school be able to judge a person 's morals and does having questionable morals make you a unworthy student? Again there are no easy answers. As well being morally good or bad is a hard thing to distinguish even from one 's criminal record. In the article family spokesperson Najee Ali states “Everyone 's afraid of standing up for what 's morally right...People are afraid to hold people morally responsible.” This statement rings both true and false, it is not always true and at times should not even be considered as a factor because judging a person morals is a slippery slope that could lead to a culture of pretentiousness and falsehoods. At the same time what Ali is stating is something that rings true for many people and organizations, who should use their voices to stand up for what is morally right and show where their values lay. Schools should not be a judge of morals or deny people for that reason alone, David Cash did not break any laws but he did have one created because of his actions, so his morals do come into question as it should in cases like this. But that should not be the standard nor should it be a defining factor in acceptance to schools but it should be one
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