Chechaquo's Journey To The Yukon

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A proud and mighty man is traveling through the harsh, cold trails of the Yukon Territory towards a mining camp accompanied by his native husky dog. In the land of extreme cold, the man experiences the consequences of his daring journey in the Yukon. He is staunch and independent traveler in the cold, but with unimaginable circumstances he discovers himself in a lot of trouble. He is a chechaquo, or "newcomer" to the Yukon. Being a large and strong man, not appreciative of the Yukon, he ignores the obvious significance of the freezing temperatures of his journey. The chechaquo underestimates his frail, warm body in the great arctic north of subfreezing temperatures. He knows it is cold, but he is blinded by his arrogance of the extreme climate. Being too confident in his abilities to conquer the Yukon as the toughest man of them all in the harsh tundra, his plan is to make a grand fortune from gold mining. As the man hears sharp crackles in the air, he realizes his spit is turning into frozen ice sickles before hitting the snow. The man is traveling a trail on Henderson Creek with his dog towards his mining camp, where he is searching for construction timber to use when spring time arrives. While traveling across the frozen tundra, he becomes more aware of hot spring locations under the ice. Fearing the fact of getting wet in this frozen situation, his journey will increasingly become more dangerous. As the man travels along the trail, he pushes his dog ahead to test the ice and…show more content…
First, the man is arrogantly traveling with his dog on a secluded trail towards a mining camp, ignoring the wise advice from an old timer of the Yukon. Next the man struggles for survival after experiencing a series of life threatening events. Finally, after the man’s multiple attempts of failure, he decides to humble himself enough to accept his defeats and peacefully leave the
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