Checklist Manifesto Book Report

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After reading the “Checklist Manifesto: How to get the things right” book and the implications on the book, I did an in-depth review of the positive and negative reflections on the book. The thoughts have been summarized and mentioned below:
Positive Reflections:
There were several things that I enjoyed about the book. There is a list of positive reflections that I would like to discuss which are mentioned below:
1) Checklists can offer us some assistance with assuring so as to stay more organized and we don 't miss any progressions in a procedure. They are easy to utilize and effective. A to-do list is a unique type of a checklist that can be discussed and implemented in all the organizations. The to-do list permits you to rapidly and effectively deal with your different tasks. It 's just a list that keeps the greater part of your tasks and things to finish in time and in more efficient manner. The schedule is not just a great device for officials; anybody will discover this device helpful. The to-do list permits you to plan activities and not let anything miss-out from the schedule.
2) Checklist inspires us to take necessary actions and complete the task within stipulated time. Since checklist can make us more
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6) Checklists can actually save lives. Checklist also decreases deaths in hospitals. When checklists have been applied for use by surgical groups, deaths dropped 40 percent. Comparative results have been seen when checklists are required for specialist 's implanting central lines into their sick patients. The implantation of central lines can be a key source of infections and checklists have been appeared to incredibly diminish these infections. It was likewise noticed that specialists would miss a stage on the checklist 25 percent of the time. The result was to guarantee that the nurse affirmed that the checklist was being followed by the specialist. Checklists are just so important and useful that we can check our actions at each
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