Case Study: Automated Checkout Stores

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After weighing up Pro’s and Con’s we feel that it would be best to implement a fully automated checkout store in the UCC College road location. We have listed a number of reasons for effecting change in this area.
1. Students will embrace the technology transformation – to avoid customer dissatisfaction we recommend this location. Cork City draws an older cliental in comparison to College Road.
2. Products on sale suit a College goers - Jean plans to sell regular groceries, homemade dinners and a limited off-licence. We believe this outlay of products best suits a college area.
3. Heavy Traffic- After ruling out the Cork City location for the above reason we feel out of the two remaining locations the college road store generates heavier traffic
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The Model establishes that for a business to change there must first be a reason or a need for change. This is called the “freeze phase”. After a reason for change is established the desired changes needs to be implemented, this is what we call the “change phase”. Finally once changes are implemented we must lock them in whats known as the “freeze phase” where we look to moniter and reward staff for implementing the change process successfully while ensuring we are constantly supplying them with the tools they need to do so. This model works whether the changes are strategic and incremental or reactive or anticipatory…show more content…
At the “Change Phase” we will give staff new daily duties, clearly outlining these duties and continuously communicating the change we wish to take place.
2. We should continue to empower employees by encouraging them to suggest ideas that may improve the store without derailing from the change process being implemented.
3. We will eliminate the shop counter and move the staff to the store floor carrying out new duties. Monitoring the self-service checkouts, doing stock and being vigilant for theft will be outlined as employee’s new duties.
4. Staff should be coming to terms with the new way of doing things but it will take more than a few days to adapt to the new way of doing things. Resistance to change may arise at this point and must be met with a stern management approach. Where people are continuing to cause disruption they must be removed as they are endangering the change process.
5. To keep moral high set goals and reward staff by celebrating milestones, maybe a staff night out or a small bonus when targets are
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