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There are numerous ways that the story “Checkouts” By Cynthia Rylant, title refers to the storyline. The story “Checkouts” is about a girl and a guy that fancy each other when they meet at a grocery store checkout..Some of the ways “Checkouts” title refers to the storyline is how during the short story, the characters checkout each other, how the girl checkouts of the world and just gets to relax in the grocery store and how she checks out of her old town. The author hints that the title of “Checkouts” refers to these reasons when she describes someone coming on and off of a bus. The quote states, “Some months later the bag boy and the girl with the orange bow again crossed paths, standing in line with their dates at a movie theater, and, glancing toward the other, each smiled slightly, then looked away, as strangers on public buses often do, when one is moving off the bus and the other is going on“ (Rylant 28). This relates to these reasons because the girl checked out of her old town like a person checks off a bus. Also, when a person checks out someone, a lot of the time they only see them or do it for only a short time, which is the same as getting off a bus
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The other character interested them and they would secretly look at each other when the other person was looking away. At the checkout the boy secretly takes a look at the girl and the Rylant states, “He was nervous first day on the job and along had come this fascinating girl, standing in the checkout line with the unfocused stare one often sees in young children, her face turned enough away that he might take several full looks at her as he packed sturdy bags full of food and the goods of modern life” (25). This quote displays that the guy was trying to check out the girl, concluding why this reason is a very good explanation to why the book is called
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