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Everyone has experienced fear in their lives, such as the fear of taking a test, the fear of speaking in front of a class, the fear of walking in the dark, etc. These instance relate to the theme in “Checkouts by Cynthia Rylant, which is never let fear take control. This theme is also reflected in the poem “Don’t Fear” and the novel, Divergent. A theme in the short story “Checkouts” by Cynthia Rylant is never let fear take control. For example, the author writes “He wanted a second chance. Another chance to be confident… But he busted her jar of mayonnaise and nothing else worked out…” (Rylant 283). This quote shows that the boy let fear take control of him, now, he is regret because he should be confident in front of the girl he like from the beginning. This quote shows that fear will bring you down in front of the girl you liked. The author also writes “… he never once turned his head in her direction… the bag boy let her leave the store, pretending no notice…show more content…
For instance, the author writes “Don’t let fear swallow you whole.” (livingdeadGirl13). This quote demonstrates that if you let fear take control, it will “swallow” you. This quote also reflect that fear is something you don’t want, and should control it if you don’t want it hurt you. The author also states that “Don’t let fear contort your dreams, Into something unsightly and unseen.” (livingdeadGirl13). Basically, the author is saying that fear will contort the goals you have. This quote also demonstrates that fear is harmful if you let it take control. The author concludes that “Don’t let fear in. Don’t let fear take hold.” (livingdeadGirl13). This demonstrates that you shouldn’t let fear control you. This quote illustrates that the author worms the reader by stating the same thing over and over. Therefore, the theme never let fear take control can also be find in the poem “Don’t
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