Checks And Balances

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In the United States Constitution, we have a very important system called checks and balances. This system was needed to control the power of each branch of government. Without a structure to control the amount of power each branch has our government would be controlled by one group of people. The system of checks and balances helps to prevent tyranny. The overall idea of checks and balances is formed on the observation that people act selfishly and make efforts to increase their own power and wealth at the cost of others. Charles Montesquieu was a French political thinker and jurist who devised the phrase “checks and balances”. Although, the practice of checks and balances goes much further back in history. According to the New World Encyclopedia,…show more content…
The House of Representatives was founded as a result of the Great Compromise. The Constitution allows Congress to determine the capacity of the House and to divide the representation in relevance to each states population. Representatives are elected to serve a term of 2 years. To become a Representative one must be at least 25 years of age, be a U.S citizen for a minimum of 7 years, and must be a resident of the state, which he/she wishes to represent. As for the Senate, voters elect two senators from each state regardless of its population every 6 years. To qualify as a senator, one must be at least 30 years old, be a U.S citizen for at least nine years, and have achieved the requirements for residency in the state he/she desires to represent. Together the House and the Senate form the United States Congress. Legislative Branch checks the Executive Branch of; having the authority to impeach officials, override presidential vetoes, approve treaties and ambassadors, approve the replacement of the Vice President, the power to proclaim war, and the power to enact taxes and assign funds. Additionally, the Legislative Branch checks on the Judiciary Branch with the right to approve federal judges, as well as impeach federal judges, initiate constitutional amendments, set the jurisdiction of courts, and alter the size of the Supreme Court. Legislative Branch also has a check on itself because it is bicameral or composed of two chambers. Within the Legislative Branch bills must be passed by both houses of Congress, neither house can adjourn for more than three days without the consent of the other house; lastly all journals must be
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