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Food is a tool that connects every human to one another. Through the use of food people create new relationships and grow a connection that can prosper their future. Using the platform of relationships and medium of food, few literature texts have carved a path to show character’s individual growth. Looking beyond literature’s existence only in books there are multiple sources such as movies and shows that showcases characters nourishment. Specific texts that prove the understanding between food and humans are shows Suits and Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah, movie Cheeni Kum, and book Their Eyes Were Watching God. These texts not only focus around the lead characters being placed in a relationship, but also how the relationship and food anchor…show more content…
Translating the lessons from self-actualization to a changed mindset allows one to develop a new perspective. Movie Cheeni Kum, is about an egocentric chef whose views change after falling in love with a customer. The beginning scene of the movie, Buddhadev, chef, is yelling at a line cook about adding lemon juice to tikka sauce before simmering it for an hour. The scene is shot with the camera angle only focusing at the line cook holding lemon near the sauce and Buddhadev scrutinizing him. The simmering of the tikka sauce for an hour in this scene is exemplifying the growing egocentric nature of Buddhadev. Just as all the spices start to settle in the sauce while simmering, the overbearing attitude of Buddhadev has settled and it has diverted his mindset. However, the diversion of the mindset has been led in the wrong direction because it is not allowing him to stay driven in teaching his line cooks. His vision has been refocused after his interaction with a customer who has altered his views on life and respecting people. This new Buddhadev is showcased in one of the scene where he is back in the kitchen, but his behavior towards his kitchen staff has gotten softer and he respects them now. This scene is shot with a smiling Buddhadev carrying two fine and long cooked Indian dishes while listening to his waiter and line cook informing about the dish. The simmered Indian dishes in this clip is representing Buddhadev’s changed behavior because contrary to the first scene now the chef is listening to the line cook which has progressed from spending long time with that customer. Also, the nicely designed plate of food symbolizes a new vision of Buddhadev’s restaurant, a fine dining experience compared to last scene’s traditional dishes. Not only has that customer influenced Buddhadev to adapt a new concept

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