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List all leadership roles you have held that pertain to cheerleading captain. (Example: teaching/leading others, choreography, years of experience, etc.)
I have taught the dance at tryouts and stayed during tryouts in case anyone had questions or needed help. I also have taught the cheers at the beginning of basketball season. Next, I went to almost all the JV cheer games and tried help out as much as I could. Lastly, I have also been a captain and called cheers last year during basketball season.
What is your understanding of what makes a captain successful? If you are selected, how are you going to achieve that this season?
I think what makes a captain successful is them realizing that they won’t always be the favorite person because they
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Why do you want to be a captain of our cheer team?
I would love to become captain because I want responsibility with in the cheer team. I also would like to because I love being apart of something big. I also want to make a change in the school and have people have amazing school spirit.
Please list 3 changes or ideas you have for this season.
For a fundraiser I think we should auction off 2-3 front row parking spots. We would have a silent auction and the top bidders would get the spots for the school year. Not only would this bring a lot of money for the cheer team but also advertisement for the team. Another idea I have is creating different types of practices. By this I mean we would have different practices dedicated to working on cheers, stunting, and/or dances. This way we know when we are coming into practice what exactly what we are working on. My last idea (for now) is a Varsity Football dinner. I think the week before playoffs we should have a dinner for the Varsity football players as a good luck dinner. This would also be a great bonding experience for all of us with our team. (We could also do this for basketball or
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