Personal Narrative: My Love Of Cheer

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Cheer is a great sport. When you cheer it makes you super happy and that is the way you want to be. When I cheer im all happy and into it. As you read along you will find some interesting facts about me and my life at cheer. So let’s get started! I love cheer. My first year cheering was when I was four. That year I was in pre-k.In cheered in Douglas Georgia. My first year cheering I had no idea of what I was doing, so me and my coach and my friends had to practice on a daily rout. Each time we would practice in the building on mats. The reason we practiced on mats was because you could get hurt if you did not. Every day we hit the mats! Most of my first year all we did was practice. I loved my first year cheering!…show more content…
When I got the news that cheer tryouts were coming up I was all over them, and I was practicing everyday at home on splits and toe touches and a lot more. I had my mind set that I was going to make the cheer team. I was one that wanted to show off my school. As time passed the day got closer it was one day away! The day got here and i got off the bus to go to tryouts and then they had to explain everything to us of what we were doing and how you could make the team. So, we are learning are cheer and a dance and a shout. To cheer you have to learn all of these to make the team. As the two days passed at cheer it was try out day. When we got in there we had to be spit up in groups as we done that it was then that time. Me and my group of girls got called and we shouted all the way in. Then we done are cheer and dance and shout.When we finished that we had to sit and wait. Then they bring out are cards say yes we have made it or no you did not. The coach said we could not open until we left the school ground. Well, I left and the time we pulled out I opened it and it said “ Your child has made the ACMS cheer team”. I literally cried like a baby. As time passed practice came and then we had games my fav season was basketball. That was my sixth year…show more content…
Cheer has always been my thing. No one ever will take that away from me I have plenty of awards from cheer and they will never get to take that away. I have loved my cheer girls even tho i have been through plenty of teams everyone was amazing and they always had my bad through everything and I think them so much my favorite year cheering was this year I had some of the best coaches. The coaches helped in any way they could and I think them so much for that. Each year I cheered was great. This was my story about my life at

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