Cheerios Advertisement Analysis

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My advertisement I choose to do is was a Cheerios commercial. When searching for the perfect commercial I came across this one. It definitely showed many powerful and meaningful connections. When you first see this commercial, it shows a family. The mother making food, the father sitting in the table with little Gracie eating a bowl of cheerios. As the father is explaining the dynamics of their family in cheerios form. Her mother shy’s away from her cutting board and is all ears to what her husband is telling little Gracie. Gracie’s is very intrigued to what her father is telling her about her brother on the way and eventually she weasels a puppy into the family, (see what I did there?). The commercial ends with a deal and the look on her mother’s…show more content…
“Cheerios is good for your heart” “it lowers high Cholesterol” and lastly “Bee happy, Bee Healthy” These are the many slogans cheerios is known for. Many people end up buying this brand to stay healthy and because they’re provided with whole grain or multigrain. The oats help lower cholesterol and also have soluble fiber have an important roll towards your health benefit.
In conclusion, my advertisement I choose was a cheerios commercial. This commercial also made people view this as something horrible towards the community, and not just the community but around the world. A lot of people actually think a modern day family should be white. Why? Because what the American dream family shoulder look like? Of course not. The target audience were many biracial families throughout America. Also older people because of the cheerios brand “lowers high cholesterol”. This definitely impacted a lot of people and not just biracial families. It touched many people because little Gracie was the main character. Also little Gracie is in fact from a biracial family. Not many people knew that and still spoke badly about it which something that can mentally hurt someone
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